"Play Danish" week

"Play Danish" Week in week 44 is the party of the year for Danish music. You can experience danish artists such as Uffe Lorenzen, RebekkaMaria and Jazz Caravan.

"Play Danish" Week in Roskilde is just around the corner!

Play Danish Week is the party of the year for Danish music and Danish music-life.

All over the country there are lots of events throughout week 44. There is something going on in the country's schools, hospitals, venues, businesses, libraries, churches, cultural centers and more.

Play Danish has become Denmark's biggest music event in all its breadth and diversity, and artists and organizers are a mix of professionals, amateurs, volunteers and local enthusiasts.

Only just surpassed by Copenhagen, Roskilde Municipality is at the very top in terms of number of events, concerts and activities - with more than 65 of its kind there is something to experience for all tastes.Whether for rock, classical choir, jazz, folk / show, string quartet, hymnal baton, pop, player music and much more.You can scroll. Experience Uffe Lorenzen, Jazz at the Museum in L.A. Rings Atelier, RebekkaMaria, Riding Choir, Jazz Caravan - Stefan Pasborg, JONAH BLACKSMITH, Intimate Concert with B-side etc.

Find an event near you; you can read more about Spil Dansk Ugen i Roskilde in the link