Tarp Bunker Museum - Esbjerg N

Esbjerg and WW2 - Luftwaffe bunker from 1943. Experience how the German soldiers lived during the occupation of Denmark.

Bunker 75665 Type Regelbau 622
The Luftwaffe built this bunker in 1943 during the occupation of Denmark from 1940-1945. It is the only bunker from the old German military airport in Esbjerg, which has been renovated and now again looks as it did, when Luftwaffe left in 1944.

Visit the bunker - experience the atmosphere and see how the German soldiers lived during the occupation.

The ticket incl. guided tour.

Sale of coffee and merchandise.

Dogs are allowed but not inside the bunker and the other buildings.

More information www.bunker75665.dk or Facebook Tarp Bunkermuseum