Trinity Restaurant Lillebælt & Brasserie G

Trinity's restaurants – well worth a visit!

You can enjoy delicious food, morning, noon and evening at the bar or in one of our two restaurants.

The amenity value
Trinity's stunning location in scenic surroundings overlooking the Old Little Belt Bridge creates an amenity value that we try to transfer to our guests' experience at Trinity – on a culinary level too. We present you with a range of recipes without any "disguises", where the focus is nature's own pantry, including seasonal herbs and other ingredients that enhance the quality. We love to surprise our guests, in terms of appearance, taste and exciting, untraditional dining methods.

The sustainability
Honesty is one of the most important cornerstones of Trinity's kitchen. We take great pride in keeping ourselves up to date with the latest information about the ingredients we use. Ecology is always in our consciousness, both in terms of ingredients and beverages. The chefs, bakers and pastry makers produce most of the food from scratch and our waiters always advise guests in their menu and wine choices.

The passion
Great hospitality is a defining characteristic of Trinity – also in our Restaurant Lillebælt and Brasserie G. Our waiters always make sure that all guests feel comfortable. The cooks prepare the most delicious dishes based on their love and passion for the art of cooking. They work from the 5 basic tastes – sour, sweet, salty, bitter and umami (= good taste in Japanese), and their many years of experience have founded Trinity's fantastic kitchen concept.