Vadehavscentret - Nature guided tours

The Wadden Sea Centre offers an extensive programme of tours for anyone who fancies a trip on the shores of the Wadden Sea. Visit to view the tours and sign up.

Together with a professional ranger from the Wadden Sea Centre you get the opportunity to experience the unique nature and culture of the National Park Wadden Sea.

Seal Safari - experience seals in their natural surroundings.
Tidal tours - explore the seabed.
Oyster Tours - get your own oysters.
Starling Magic - watch the starlings go to sleep in the marshland around Ribe.
Migratory birds trips - watch big geese flocks in spring and autumn.
Walking on the seabed across the Wadden Sea from the island Mandø to the mainland.
You have many possibilities - and the rangers from the Wadden Sea Centre look forward to welcoming you in the National Park Wadden Sea.

See the exciting program in our Tour Calendar