Hiking trails in Søheden Skov

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Experience one of the great hiking trails in the forest of Søheden!

Håndsbækvej 144

9740 Jerslev J

Here you will find two marked routes.

The red route is 3,3 km and shares some of the routes with the Ancient Road, Hærvejen.

The yellow route is 1 km and easily accessible.

Besides the marked routes, Søheden has more nature trails, if you are keen on an off-road experience.

The hiking trails are only one of the many experiences that Søheden Forest Complex offers.

In the forest you can camp in shelters, enjoy a nature playground, you will also find toilets, a place to have a bonfire and barbecue and more.

Søheden Forest is located in the northern part of Jyske Ås, 18 kilometers north of the city of Brønderslev.


Håndsbækvej 144

9740 Jerslev J


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