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Vikings of Langeland

Discover the world of the Vikings at Langelands Museum and delve into the secrets of the past.

Discover the secrets of the Vikings at Langelands Museum

At Langelands Museum you can explore the fascinating world of the Vikings through the island's unique grave finds. The museum presents two impressive equestrian graves, closely linked to kingship, which give an insight into the role of the warrior aristocracy in southern Scandinavia.

Exhibitions and grave finds

The museum exhibits carefully selected artefacts from Viking burial sites. These finds help us to understand the status of the dead Vikings and bring us closer to the individual Longlanders of the Viking Age.

Journey back in time

Take a journey through the Viking burial sites where each find reveals new aspects of the past. Experience a deeper understanding of the culture and history of the Vikings and how they lived on Langeland.

The exhibition is organised by Langeland Museum with the kind support of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Standex.

Langeland Museum

The museum and prehistoric collections were founded by the merchant Jens Winther, born in Rudkøbing 1863. The collections contain objects from prehistory to the early 20th century.

All objects exhibited are from Langeland, Strynø and Ærø, the working area of the museum. Our fine and comprehensive collection of antiquities occupies half of our exhibition area. This reflects that the area is unusuallly rich in finds from prehistoric times. From the later periods we are especially proud of the finds from the renaissance fishing hamlet Sandhagen.

Our collections of silver, faience and glas as well as beautifully wood-inlayed 18th-century furniture are small but of high standard.

Langelands museum

Jens Winther - the great  archaeologist - The building on Jens Winthers Vej was constructed in 1905 and planned as a museum of archaeology. The collections primarily consisted of the personal finds of local merchant, Jens Winther (1863-1955), which he donated to the museum. Jens Winther’s life-long interest in archaeology made him the driving force behind the museum, both scientifically as well as financially, from the time of the foundation to his death in 1955.

Books and souvenirs
The museum publishes many books with results, studies and research, among others. a. on archeology, maritime history and gardens. The museum on Jens Winthers vej has a small museum shop where you can buy the museum's publications as well as a selection of different souvenirs.