Vingsted – campfire site

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Natural areas
The campfire site is located in an area of unique natural beauty by Bindeballestien and the meandering river of Vejle Å. Room for 15 persons.

Vingstedvej 58

7182 Bredsten

Facilities: Campfire site, BBQs, tables and benches

Number of persons: Room for 10-15 persons in the open

Toilet: Yes, at Vingsted Mølle

Access to water: Yes, at Vingsted Mølle

Access to firewood: No, firewood collection is not permitted

Other facilities: Three shelters and two canoe places. Sailing permits for the river of Vejle Å can be purchased at VisitVejle. You can explore the aquatic nature from the ‘splash area’ or use the underwater viewing box. There is easy access to the area for walking impaired.

Parking: Vingstedvej 58, 7182 Bredsten or Sportsfiskeriets Hus, Skyttevej 5, 7182 Bredsten


Vingstedvej 58

7182 Bredsten



Barbecue area

Tables and benches


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