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(CLOSED due to COVID-19) VisitNordsjælland Halsnæs Touristinformation

Due to COVID-19, the tourist information in Hundested is closed this summer. The tourist information is placed at the harbour in Hundested. Just beside the little ferry to Rørvig and in the middle of the harbour. In walking distance to restaurants and sights. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the Tourist Information is closed this summer.

We are sorry to announce that due to insufficient space and that it is not possible to comply with distance requirements in accordance with current regulations, the tourist information at Hundested harbour will NOT open this summer. But you can easily get hold of us and get qualified help for what to see and experience when you are now in Hundested and Halsnæs.

Finally, contact us - we are not far away

We are ready behind the screen, in front of the phone, ready to talk, guide and chat with you online. Every Monday-Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, it is possible to use our chat feature on the website. We also stand by the phones and you can also send us an email.

Brochures and map materials:

Brochure racks have been set up around Hundested harbour, Lynæs, Frederiksværk and Liseleje with our Holiday magazine for North Sealand, city maps, North Sealand maps/bicycle maps, which are quite free to bring. You can get a brochure in these places:

  • Hundested-Rørvig The ferry waiting room at Hundested harbour
    Fjordens Ishus, Café and miniature-golf, Hundested harbour
    Top Noch Diner, Hundested harbour
    Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival, Hundested harbour
    Halsnæs Bryghus, Hundested harbour
    Hundested Harbour Office
    Hundested Kro & Hotel
    Hundested Library, Nørregade 61
    Lynæs Surfcenter, Lynæs Harbour
    Frederiksværk Library, Torvet 41, Frederiksværk
    Frederiksværk Camping & Hostel
    Gjethuset, Frederiksværk
    The information wall in the Noord Center, Frederiksværk
    Lisestuens Isbar Liseleje
    Café Haveje, Liseleje
    Liseleje Bath Hotel, Liseleje

Buy brochures and maps online

On our website, you can buy all our brochures and maps as well as the large kayak card for Halsnæs and some bicycle cards.

We look forward to welcoming you again in 2021. We wish you a really nice summer.