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Volkswagen SUP City Tour : Rudkøbing til Strynø

Try your hand at SUP and compete in today's Speed Challenge

Volkswagen SUP City Tour Coming to Langeland

The Volkswagen SUP City Tour, part of the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) World Championships, is coming to Rudkøbing on 27 July. This exciting and free event invites everyone to try their hand at SUP and get acquainted with SUP racing. In addition, there will be a great SUP atmosphere, competitions and other fun activities.

Get a brief introduction to techniques and get on the water with SUP and Surf Denmark's "Try SUP" activity, where you can learn the basics from experienced SUP instructors. Compete against others and set the fastest time of the day in Speed Challenges while learning your first buoy turn, take the SUP quiz and learn about the sport on land, where both activities can give you the chance to win tickets to Copenhagen SUP.

The event also features side activities such as balance board and music, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere with lots of good vibes. You can also enjoy the good vibes in the shade under parasols and in a beach chair. There will also be snacks from Rawbite to enjoy while participating in the activities or taking a break in the shade.

The event takes place on 27/7-2024 at Rudkøbing Harbour. It is open to everyone and there will be plenty of opportunities to try SUP, participate in competitions and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

For more information, visit www.copenhagensup.com.

SUP in the archipelago

Starting from Rudkøbing Harbour, you will head southwest along the coast of Langeland. You'll paddle past idyllic beaches, harbour life and maybe even spot porpoises and experience the rich birdlife. Be sure to stop and enjoy the sight of the green UNESCO Global Geopark landscapes stretching far into the horizon.

Head for the beach just south of Strynø Harbour.

After about one and a half to two hours of paddling, you'll reach Strynø, a small island with only about 200 inhabitants. As you approach Strynø Harbour, you'll be greeted by the charming island life (Island of the Year 2022), the Smakke Centre and the most beautiful silence.

It's the perfect place to hop ashore and explore the island on foot, perhaps taking a break and enjoying an ice cream from Strynø Is or a drink at Det Gamle Mejeri.

After experiencing the charm and beauty of Strynø, you can either choose to paddle back to Rudkøbing Harbour and enjoy the views on the way back, or you can continue your adventure and explore more of the surrounding islands. Whatever you choose, a stand up paddle trip from Rudkøbing to Strynø is an unforgettable way to experience the South Funen Archipelago.

The practicalities

There is a Kayakomat in Rudkøbing. Boards can be rented from here. You can also contact SUP Langeland or LifePlan.

The trip is approx. 7 km as the crow flies. It is for intermediate to expert level.

Return with the ferry? The journey time from Rudkøbing is only 30 minutes and the ferry runs several times a day.