Naturcenter Herstedhøje

Naturcenter Herstedhøje in Albertslund has great facilities for enjoying a day in the great outdoors.

A café serves hot drinks and cake. Fireplaces are found outside – perfect for making popcorn or baking bread on a stick. Fire wood and corn can be bought in the café.

Anyone who visits Herstedhøje should climb the highest of the hills. Although by no means mountains, the hills provide an excellent view of the surroundings. From the top, one can see as far as Roskilde Cathedral, Copenhagen city centre and, if the whether is clear, even Stevns Klint (Stevn’s Cliff).

Like Strandparken, Herstedhøje is man-made. It took about ten years to transport the 750,000 lorry loads of earth and left over building materials to the hill.

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Herstedhøje Allé 1
2620 Albertslund



+45 72 54 33 29


  • Classification

    • Saint Hannes Cross
  • Facilities

    • Picnic shelters
    • Tables and benches
    • Marked-out routes
    • Lavatory
    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Nature school
    • Centre of Information
    • Coach park
  • Type

    • Forest
    • Hills
    • Natural Park



Longitude : 12.367521899
Latitude : 55.687873