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Albøge Church

Albøge Kirke is high up, north of the old main road. From the church, there is a very beautiful view of a valley lowering, the former outlet of Kolindsund.

Albøge Kirke was a small Romanesque church from around the 12t century, with a narrow and low choir in relation to the ship. But like so many other churches, it has been converted into a Gothic longhouse, where ship and choir are joined. No matter how categorically one has gone to work on the renovation, you get the impression by considering the exterior walls. You can see that the church was originally built of carved granite squares. These are not whitewashed like the rest of the church.

The original Romanesque granite church from around the year 1200 was totally demolished and rebuilt as a Gothic longhouse church around the year 1500.
The old church's granite square was recycled. On the beautiful vaulted arches, the original string decorations are highlighted.
The church was restored in 1990.

The church is usually open during the sexton's working hours.

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