Andy's Bar

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Gothersgade 33 B

1123 København K


Telefoon:3312 0646

Stepping into Andy's Bar in Copenhagen, you'll feel the pub atmosphere with the relaxing surroundings and the tones of the jukebox.

Andy's Bar is open until 06:00 so the pub is ideal for a goodnight beer until the small hours.

Old restaurant

In the old days, Andy's was a restaurant, but after the Second World War, it became the place for American soldiers to hang out, and ever since Andy's replaced the food with beer and spirits.


Gothersgade 33 B

1123 København K


02 Jan 12 / 31 Dec 20

16:00 - 05:00

02 Jan 14 / 31 Dec 20

16:00 - 07:00

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