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Ane Marken

‘Ane Marken’ is an inspiration and precursor to DODEKALITTEN, Thomas Kadziol's famous and recognised art project with the large stone faces in Ravnsby on Lolland.

In 2010, when the Jørgensen family had owned and lived at Søllestedgaard Estate for 200 years, it was celebrated with a unique work ‘Ane Marken’ made by sculptor Thomas Kadziola. In the middle of the field in front of the Horse Stables stand 3 large hand-carved field stones in a circle, representing Past, Present and Future, as a link to the history of the place.

The family chose to place the work in the field because the crops are the reason they have had the estate for so many years and as a tribute to the generations of residents and employees who have cultivated the land. At the same time, everyone can enjoy the beautiful sculptures with public access.