Anne Justs Havehotel

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Private accommodation

Postbakken 4, Hune

9492 Blokhus




The garden hotel “Havehotellet” at Hune with opening hours in the garden season is hidden behind the south-facing workshop with direct admission from the garden. It is part of a detached house from 1973.

All 5 rooms are individually furnished and with different names. You may book your favourite room! The hotel has 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette.

In addition to the garden hotel there are 2 separate apartments with private kitchen and bathroom. Each with room for 2 persons.

Being a visitor at the garden hotel you have free admission to “Anne Just’s Have” during your stay according to the rules in force, which are available at the arrival.


Postbakken 4, Hune

9492 Blokhus

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