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Around the Slåensø Lake – 3 km

Slåensø is a small lake embedded in the lovely woodland around Silkeborg. The route around Slåensø is ideal for everyone who loves the outdoors, the serenity, and a brisk walk.

On the south side of the lake, you can see several red swamps. They get their red colour from the high level of natural ochre that is in the water from the springs that run into the lakes.

Slåensø got its name from these springs, as it comes from the Old Norse word ‘Slagna’, which means bursting out.

The route around Slåensø begins at Svejbækvej. Park your car there, for instance by Sønderskoven, and continue on to the eastern end of the lake. Take in the amazing sight of the red swamps along the south side of the lake, and on sunny days, you might get to see grass snakes sunbathing, so remember to be quiet if you want to get a good look at them before they crawl off.

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