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Art in Sjoerring - ”Perseus Gargoyle”

Experience great art in Sjoerring. “Perseus Gargoyle” by Ingvar Chronhammar

The open space in front of Sjoerring Sports and Comunity Center is landscaped and decorated by the internationally acclaimed artist Ingvar Cronhammar. The grand piece of art was donated by The Ny Carlsberg Foundation and was inagurated by fall of 2020.

The art work includes a large surrounding staircase made of bright portuguese granite embedded with light inside the steps. Within lies a circular area paved with black sett stones. In this 18 small sources of light are laid - together they form the zodiac sign of Perseus. 8 yellow benches made of massive aluminium with white stripes of corian are placed in an abrupt circle around the area. Furthermore a black gargoyle of more than 42 ft. spews a fiery red light instead of water on the center of the art work.

The space is surrounded and secured by 27 bollards of granite.

Perseus is one of the great heroes of Greek mythology. He killed the immortal witch Medusa and later saved Andromeda - the fair daughter of Cassiopeia.

Especially at night the combination of dark sett stones,  yellow benches and the many different sources of light create a beautiful sight.