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Audiowalk: November bursts in May

A musical and poetic audio story on Strynø

November bursts in May is a musical and poetic audio story. It's about Strynø, about falling in love, about the dizzyingly long-awaited spring, and about the autumn that always returns. It's an island hike full of poetry and songs and a classic story about the first great and stormy love. Through the first-person narrator's perspective, we are invited around the landscape of Stryn, so the island's nature becomes a backdrop and co-narrator.

The story

The story and songs are written by the author duo Ingen sange uden hav, who live on Strynø, and are presented as a guest performance in the Baggårdsteatret audiowalks series. The story is read by people from Strynø and is about falling in love, both with another person and with an island.

The route

The approximately 4 km long route starts at the ferry landing at Strynø Harbour and moves through Strynø Town, past Strynø School and down to the Mill, after which you follow a footpath towards the North Island. Act 4 of the story takes place on a small concrete bridge at the end of the path, after which you must continue along Korsvejen to the junction with Nørrevej, where the story ends and you can walk the final stretch back into town.

Information - this is how you do it:

  1. Download the BaggaardTeatret app and find the performance under Friendship
  2. "Buy" the tour (it's free until 1 June 2025, when it will cost DKK 25 per ticket)'
  3. Allow the app to always use GPS and notifications
  4. Remember headphones and power on your phone
  5. Start the trip at Strynø Harbour
  6. November bursts in May last just under 2 hours
  7. Use the GPS map in the app if you get lost on the route
  8. We recommend that you walk in daylight, wear good walking shoes and carry water (not for people with walking difficulties)
  9. The audio walk is for everyone (recommended from the age of 14)
  10. It is also recommended as a Danish excursion for the oldest school classes, continuation schools and youth education programmes.
  11. For schools and educational institutions: See BaggaardTeatret's website or Ingen sange uden hav - Facebook page for free teaching material.