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The bicycle route around Horsens Fjord

Experience one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords by bike while surrounded by spectacular nature. The bicycle ferry between the islands Alrø and Hjarnø makes it possible to cross the fjord island hopping.This waymarked bicycle route offers versatile nature and experiences and all the best that the East Jutland bicycle landscape has to offer. 

Enjoy a scenic bicycle experience on the coast

Embark on this 52-kilometre-long bicycle tour through varied landscape. On a bike ride around the fjord, you will encounter forest, beach, waving fields, idyllic villages, cosy marinas, beautiful vista points, charming islands and the city of Horsens with all its opportunities and activities. The changing and versatile characteristics of the route makes it something special. And if 52 kilometres is a bit too much, you can easily go for shorter round trips based on a part of the route.


Is it possible to ride around a fjord?

The natural characteristic of a fjord implies that this is not possible. But with a little help from two charming islands in the fjord and a couple of ferries you can cross the fjord. The island Alrø is connected with the mainland via a dam on the northside of the fjord. In the other end of Alrø, you can get on the little bicycle ferry thas sails to the neighbor island Hjarnø in the summer half-year. And from there you can switch to the Hjarnø Ferry and sail to Snaptun on the southside of the fjord.

On this page you can read more about the bicycle ferry and buy a ticket that is good for both ferries.


Explore the fjord islands

Alrø is a cosy and charming island known for its great eateries. There are three of them on the island. Møllegården, located in a former pig house, Café Alrø with their giant patty shells of nationwide fame and Alrø Købmandsgård where you can taste delicious bison meat at a bison farm.

The official route only has a short pitstop on the harbour on Hjarnø, but we recommend that you drive around the island and experience the unique island atmosphere and rich nature.


The north side of the fjord

The city of Horsens is located at the end of the fjord with its brand-new inviting harbour environment. You will pass the marina, the city beach Langelinie which is always packed with people when the weather is good, and Langelinie’s less known cousin, Strandparken. In the Stensballe neighborhood you will ride on a picturesque panorama path with fjord view until you reach the Blue Flag certified Husodde Beach. From here you drive through the Stensballe forests, and further east through hilly farm land with a great view most of the way.

In the area around Sondrup you will encounter beach, plantation, forest and very hilly terrain with several impressive vista points – among them Trustup Hills and several hilltops in Sondrup Hills which is one of the most beautiful woodlands in the region.


The south side of the fjord

On the opposite side of the fjord,  you pass through agricultural areas near the coast and the villages of Glud and Sejet. In Glud you can visit Glud Museum which is an open-air museum where you can experience 350 years of agricultural village history. The agricultural theme is also very evident at Denmark’s Ferguson Museum, which offers the world’s biggest collection of Ferguson tractors.

Further west is the historic Boller Castle and the fine castle park which is open to the public.

The castle is surrounded by Boller Forest which you pass through en route. At Boller Pier you have an excellent view of the city of Horsens. The start of the pier is also the start of the Planet Path that connects Boller and Horsens.


Follow the signs…

The bicycle route around Horsens Fjord is waymarked as Regional Bicycle Route 87. You can follow the blue signs with the number 87 on them all the way around the fjord. 


… or follow our digital map

Via GPS you can follow this digital map on your phone. The map will also show you attractions, eateries and accommodation near the route.


Experiences and accommodation along the route

You can find information about exciting nature areas, activities, attractions, and accommodation around the fjord in our big guide to experiences around Horsens Fjord