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Bike rental at Limfjordsmuseet, Løgstør

Go by bike when you want to explore the nature and wonderful surroundings in Himmerland. 

At Limfjordsmuseet you are able to rent a bike - either an ordinary bike or an electric bike. 

Prices for elecetric bikes:

  • DKK 200,- per day (the price will be lower after day 3).
  • DKK 75,- per hour

Prices for ordinary bikes:

  • DKK 100,- per day
  • DKK 50,- per hour


Prices for bicycle helmets:

  • DKK 20,- per day
  • After three days the price will be DKK 60,- 
  • Per hour: DKK 20,- per rent.

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