Track in the landscape at Holsted Å

Bike route, Holsted Asserbølgård

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Torvet Holsted (nord)

6670 Holsted


A 17, 5km biking-route in the area north of Holsted and through different types of plantations and interesting buildings. The route can be started at the square in the north of Holsted, where there is a parking opportunity. There are several in Holsted where you can shop before the trip. It is a relatively flat route, there is asphalt all the way, and there is good shelter for the most part. There are break opportunities along the way. The route can also be driven by car.


- Holsted Town

- Toftegården farm shop and bake house

- Løbners Plantation

- Asserbølgård

- Stilde Plantation

- Enghave Animal- and Nature Park

- Gjerndrupholm


Torvet Holsted (nord)

6670 Holsted


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Length in km. (17,5)

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