A great day out for the WHOLE family!

Family fun and laughter no matter what your age – that’s what you find at BonBon-Land in Holme-Olstrup – just outside Næstved.

With lots of rides and amusements, there is something for everyone. The wilder rides for bigger kids include Svend Svingarm, Vildsvinet (the WildBoar), Hankatten (the Tom Cat) and Cobratårnet (the Cobra Tower). Gentle “family friendly” rides include Viktor Vandorm, the 4D cinema, and Bæverrafting (Beaver Rafting). And for toddlers, there are Sprutten (Booze), Hestepærerne (the Horse Droppings), and Ormen (the Worm) which everyone can enjoy – but which can still give the little folks a chill or two! And the 10,000 m2 indoors playground Fantasy Land is also a part of BonBon-Land and open to everyone once you have paid your entry ticket.

When you’re hungry, there’s something for every taste in BonBon-Land. Choose between the many eating places, the buffets, pizza and various types of fast food. And at Cafe Anna’s Mokka, there are delicious cakes, coffees and pies – yummy!

In short – BonBon-Land is the PLACE TO GO when the WHOLE family wants to have a great day out! So make up your mind – we promise you it will be lots of fun!