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Bonbon Museum 2.0

Bonsche, Schnongse, Guzzi, Zuckerl, Leckerli, Brocken, Klömpkes, Kamellen, Ballekes, Bömskes, Bröckskes, Zuggestoa, Guudsje, Boms-che, Bolschen, Dropos, Bonger, Zückerli, Zockerstei, Schigg, Godis. 

These are just a few oft he names for the sweet temptation. 

Short and sweet: Hard candy. 

You can get a lot to know about how you make hard candy in our little museum.

Here you ca experience how hard candy was made around 1880-1900 with machines.

I Denmark there was almost no hard candy machines as these machines were very expensive. They would easily cost a 2 year salary of a hand candy maker.

You can also learn everything about our more 100 year old sugar molds and lollipop molds which were used in producing unique clear toy candy og lollipops.

In the exhibition you find – next to historical machines and tools for production of candy – old candy cans, antique books, postcards, collectors stamps, historical company bills, pricetags, collection folders and advertisement figurines.

The museum is financed solely through the sales oft the locally produced hard candy. We exclusively sell hard candy that has been produced by ourselves in our historical kitchen. That is how we guarantee that the museum will not need public funds, and that we don`t have to ask for an entry fee.

We want to point out that the flavors we use are pure natural products and that we don`t use chemical or synthetic additives. We currently offer more than 140 different flavors of hard candy, and many of them are available as samples.

We also offer tours with explanations, stories and anecdotes.