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Bymose Hegn - Ultimate setting for your next meeting, conference, or celebration

Bymose Hegn brings nature so close that it feels like it's coming through the windows. Whether you're attending a conference or a social event, the view can be enjoyed from the large windows in all meeting and restaurant areas.

Hotel Bymose Hegn offers you the best setting for holding meetings, training sessions, and conferences. Settings and experiences that you will appreciate and wish to return to.

Bymose Hegn is designed to be a conference centre and is therefore fantastic for it. There are rooms of all sizes, ensuring that guests feel comfortable, whether they are part of a large conference or a smaller meeting.

Thus, the largest room can accommodate up to 130 participants, and the smallest is cosy even if there are only 2 participants. The large common areas and wide corridors ensure that there is always plenty of space for everyone.


There are a total of 112 rooms at Bymose Hegn. All rooms can accommodate 2 people, so there is space for a total of 224 overnight guests. All rooms offer views of the forest and park area.


  • Climbing hall: 145 sqm - max. 100 people with tables / 130 people in a cinema constellation
  • Plenum A, B, C: 74 sqm - max. 40 people with tables / 70 people in a cinema constellation
  • Plenum A+B: 152 sqm - max. 80 people with tables / 120 in a cinema constellation
  • Plenum D: 47 sqm - max. 24 people with tables / 30 in a cinema constellation
  • Room E: 25 sqm - Max. 14 people with tables
  • 14 group rooms: 14 sqm - 8 people with tables
  • All rooms, except the group rooms, are equipped with a computer, projector/screen, and sound system. Microphones in the 2 large meeting rooms. Whiteboards and flip charts in all rooms.
  • Exhibition area: 100 sqm
  • Rooms: 112 rooms - all suitable for 2 people.


  • Green Key Activities

Indoor swimming pool, saunas, billiards, table tennis, and darts. Outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, petanque, and walking and jogging trails. Bicycles can be borrowed. 7.5 hectares of natural grounds - the perfect environment for team building - plenty of space to frolic.


If you ask the head chef what makes his food so tasty, even if it's just a simple meatball, the answer is always: 'Love'. From cosy snack breaks to grand wedding dinners, you can taste the love for food and the good atmosphere in the kitchen in everything served at Bymose Hegn.

Use the surroundings

Being close to Høbjerg Hegn offers many advantages. Among other things, beautiful running and walking trails. In addition, you can freely use the indoor pool, saunas, and various indoor and outdoor games. If you are booking a course, you can learn more about partners for team building on the website. Here you will also find short films about learning games that you can borrow for free.