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Cafe Væredygtig

A cozy café with room for coziness - for work - for socializing.

Café Sustainable is a working café that is only open during daytime - where it's cozy enough for you to hang out with good friends, and quiet enough for you to immerse yourself a little in your work behind the laptop.

Sustainability in the food they serve is fundamental. It means they make nourishing, sensory food that delights both the taste buds and the eyes - and strengthens the body.

And of course, it's good for the climate, and as far as possible, sourced locally or Danish, as much as possible!

Café Sustainable is more than just a clever name. It's a mindset - a daily practice; a way of being in the world that creates positive ripples.

Sustainability is for them a way of being human. Together, individually, and in the world. It means they emphasize relationships and ensuring well-being, equality, support, and inspiration in encounters with others.

That's why you eat food that delights the taste buds, and is produced in a work and café environment that is a source of balance, well-being, and inspiration for all who come into contact with it.

We are partnered with Geopark The South Funen Archipelago.