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Café & Wine Bar Chéz Désirée

Chez Désirée is located in the heart of Odense at Rosenbæk Torv, adjacent to Brandts Klædefabrik. Chez Désirée is a French café and wine bar with a strong emphasis on French products and ambiance.

We offer a wide selection of coffee and wine (including a focus on natural and orange wines) as well as light French dishes such as quiche Lorraine, salade chèvre chaud, salade niçoise, and croque monsieur. Everything can be enjoyed either in the morning sun in front of the café or in the lovely, windless courtyard where the sun shines all day. Enjoy half-priced wine every day between 4-6 PM.

Please note that the first floor can be booked for events such as birthdays, receptions, or other gatherings. You can expect celebrations of Bastille Day and Nouveau Beaujolais.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay updated on "Montmartre Workshops" (learn to draw and paint).

In general, you can also look forward to celebrating Fridays with the opening of fresh oysters.