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Ceramic Askel Krog

Askel Krog's ceramics workshop is located in Himmerland and comprises both a pottery shop and an exhibition with a focus on pots.


In the front yard of Askel Krog's ceramics workshop, there are some giant pots and smaller ones, bearing witness to the fact that a potter lives here. Askel Krog is so fascinated by the large pots that he once turned the world's largest pot and was included in the Guinness Book of Records in 1991.

Askel Krog's pottery workshop and residence in Vesthimmerland are not far from Alfarvej, near Strandby, well on the other side of Farsø. From the gable window of his exhibition space, there is a wide view over the wetlands of the Limfjord, which appear to approach the house dangerously during high tide. The air is humid, and the gravel road to the house consists mainly of brown clayey puddles, a sign of Askel Krog's profession.

Although there is a pottery shop and the exhibition space on the first floor with the best view in the world, it may not exactly be a bustling commercial area, as it's darn difficult to find. However, there is a solution. Just as Hansel and Gretel in the fairy tale scattered breadcrumbs on forest paths to find their way home, Askel Krog has also left traces to his home. In Strandby, near the church where you have to turn left, it becomes clear that you are on the right track, as surprisingly, there is a huge yellow ceramic pot, followed by more along the small roads, rendering the small signs with the word "Keramik" and an arrow entirely unnecessary.

Giant pots

Giant pots are also in the front yard. Inside the shop, you can buy small glazed egg cups with delicate blue glaze, and this is where the contrast in Askel Krog's work lies. He is a potter and craftsman with accounting, but he is also obsessed with the unwieldy and irrational giant pots. You are welcome to watch the potter at work and see how the large pots are shaped. User-friendly ceramics in soft forms are displayed in the shop. There are various tea sets, bowls, vases, and much more. Some of the ceramics are adorned with a beautiful, lively light blue glaze.

The exhibition on the first floor features unusually shaped unique pieces inspired by the ingenious structures of nature. One of the activities Askel Krog is most known for is his work with large pots, Big-Pots. These are pots that range from one to three meters in height and have a diameter of up to 1.80 meters. It is a challenge each time to handle the many kilograms of clay while creating the right form. Inspiration for these unique pieces is based on the shapes and colors found in nature. The texture of wood, stone, fossils, and more can be used as ideas for dishes, pots, and sculptural figures. The kilns are primarily powered by a 22 kW wind turbine, although the Big-Pots are fired in gas ovens.

Visit the workshop by the Limfjord south of Ertebølleklinten.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Mondays.