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Cheese House Rudkøbing

Cheese and wine shop on Østergade in Rudkøbing

At Ostehuset in Rudkøbing you can get everything for your palate - wine and cheese as well as all kinds of accessories such as biscuits, olives, syrups and jams.

Since 2000, the cheese shop has been located at Østergade 64.
In 2021, the local "cheese girl" Dorthe took over the business. Dorthe has kept the good, familiar assortment and added some delicious new products.

In Ostehuset you will find everything from French Brie and Emmentaler to hard Danish cheeses and Funen smoked cheese.
Among other things, the shop sells the special "Humble Cheese", which was produced at Humble Dairy until 1983. Today, the cheese is produced on Funen, but still according to the over 100-year-old recipe.

The shop also sells "Fiskemandens sild".