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The Clover Paths Kløverstierne in Silkeborg

If you're going on a short trip, take the green route of 2.5 km. If you're up for a longer hiking trail, try the black route of 12.7 km. You have four choices for a wonderful hiking experience at the Clover Paths in Engesvang near Silkeborg.

The Clover Paths Kløverstierne in Denmark

You'll find Clover Paths throughout Denmark, and the trails are designed so you can walk, run, or cycle along different routes. There are four varying distances - a green, red, blue, and a black one - with trips suitable for everyone.

The Clover Paths start from a central starting point, from which the four routes branch out. The routes vary in length, including options such as 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km, and 10+ km, providing a suitable journey for every preference.

On the Clover Paths, you can choose to walk or cycle, and in some places, there is also the possibility to use roller skates or travel the entire route in a wheelchair. This offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy nature and move freely along the Clover Paths.

The Clover Paths Kløverstierne in Engesvang

Choose the route that suits you in terms of length or the sights you want to experience. Here you can be inspired for route selection.

Green Route: 2.5 km

On this green route, the focus is on Engesvang, past and present. You will pass by the old part of Engesvang, including the dairy, the old school, and Engesvang Church. Get a taste of something historical and something new. On the route, you'll also pass by the newest houses and subdivisions in the town.

Blue Route: 5.5 km

The blue route focuses on art and energy.

Start the route at Engesvang School and Dybdalsparken Nursing Home. On the route, you'll pass by the district heating plant where you'll find a large stained glass window, Bølling Lake where you'll find the ruins of the peat factory "Polakværket," Siemens Windpower's wind blade factory, and Bølling Sø Bryghus (brewery).

Red Route: 9.9 km

The red route focuses on nature and old paths.

Start on Gl. Kongevej, which is one of the oldest continuous roads in Denmark. The route takes you past Dværgebakken, where there's a fantastic view over Bølling Lake and traces of the first reindeer hunters who came to Denmark after the last ice age. Later on the route, you'll also pass by the old marl railway, encounter the Hærvejen (ancient road) and more.

Black Route: 12.7 km

The black route takes you around Bølling Lake.

Follow the established path around Engesvang's natural gem. You'll pass by Dværgebakken, Klosterlund Nature Center, the remains of the original high bog, Stenrøsen, the location where the Tollund Man was found, the old hunting cabin, and Femøresvejen.

At various points along the route, you'll find information boards where you can read about the areas. At Klosterlund Nature Center, you'll also find a café and toilets.

Routes and maps

See the overview of the routes here. (Note: The description is in Danish but includes detailed map instructions.)

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