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The Clover Paths in Thisted

The clover paths in Thisted take you around to different locations in Thisted town.

The routes are of different length and difficulty.

Solsikkestien - Green route - 2.4 km
The route can be used for walking, running or a trip with the pram.

Skovstien - Red route - 7.8 km
Part of the route is best suited for walking or running, as the surface of the path is wood chips.

Strandstien - Black route - 10.1 km
Is a little more demanding than the other three, both due to the length a challenging trail course.

Digterstien -Blue route - 5.3 km
The route is for walking, running or other, as there is a solid surface on all paths.


See the routes in the brochure Kløverstierne in Thisted Municipality