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Collage The Shop for Women

Since 2018, Collage the Shop Women has provided a space in the heart of Aarhus for the latest fashion trends. Here, fashion-conscious women can find everything from classic to seasonal bags, shoes, and accessories.

With its wide range of brands, Collage The Shop for Women offers international luxury labels such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Valentino, and many more.

With Collage the Shop, the strong demand for luxury brands is met in the fashion scene of Aarhus.


Collage the Shop is a multi-brand concept founded and operated by Group 88. Group 88 represents a wide range of international and renowned brands presented in stores across Scandinavia. With its diverse brand portfolio, Group 88 continually introduces new and exciting brands. Through their dynamic portfolio, Group 88 strengthens and maintains their position as the leading distributor of high-end luxury goods in the Nordics.

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