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Cycling around Julsø

Set aside the whole day for a fantastic bike ride around Julsø and experience the Lake Highlands when it's at its most beautiful.

Bike ride approximately 41 km.

It's a good idea to cycle in a figure-eight pattern and take your bike on board the Solar Ferry between Skyttehusets Camping and Ålekroen.

Other highlights Himmelbjerget, Denmark's most famous mountain Boat trips with Hjejlebådene Storeknøs, Denmark's answer to the Alps Slåensø, one of the country's cleanest lakes AQUA Museum Silkeborg and Museum Jorn De Små Fisk, a bathing beach Sindbjerg and Stoubjerg – see bestigbjerge.dk Bryggebjerg, tranquility and beauty Solfærgen, a solar-powered ferry crossing in three minutes from Skyttehusets Camping to Ålekroen.

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