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Danish Poets' Route in Nysted

Danish Poets' Routes
Danish Poets' Routes invite you out into nature to sense, hear and experience Danish poets in a new way. In addition to enjoying nature on the designated routes, sound posts have been set up. Here you are guided through the landscape and the nature that inspired the individual poet and his or her writing. Feel the magic that can occur when the poet's words, place and nature meet. 

The route on a map
The route is 5.2 km and there are 10 sound posts. See the tour in its entire length here.

Doctor and poet
Emil Aarestrup (1800-1856) was not a professional poet, but a general practitioner all his life since 1827. In his spare time he wrote poems, and in 1838 the collection "Poems" was published, which was, however, a failure as it was too erotic for the morality of the time, and after that Aarestrup gave up publishing any more. It was not until after his death that more of his poems were published, and he became posthumously recognized and famous as a late Romantic poet and innovator of erotic poetry.

The poets' route begins at the Museum Aarestrup's House, which is located in the middle of Nysted. The route goes through the town, along the water, including along the Strandstien along Nysted Nor, from which you also have a beautiful view of Aalholm Castle and the Baltic Sea in general.