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Det Blå Rum at Fuglsang Sø

Next to the water at Fuglsang Lake you will find Det Blå Rum - a place that forms the framework for activities on, in and by the water.

Det Blå Rum (The Blue Room) is an outdoor mecca that can be used by everyone - both for social gatherings and as a focal point for various water and nature activities.

Several associations have a permanent base at Det Blå Rum. These include the kayaks, winter bathers, anglers and triathletes. If you want access to kayaks and a sauna, this is basically done through membership of or in collaboration with the regular user clubs on site.

The sauna is part of Det Blå Rum, and is primarily intended for associations, but you as a private person can also use the sauna when it is not in use by associations. It will be possible to buy a day ticket to the sauna.

SUP Boards Renting

Additional information about booking Sauna and SUP boards.