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Experience Dibset at the Generator venue!

As number 3 on Soundvenue's list of Danish rap artists to watch, you'll find Aarhus-born Dibset, often seen in the company of the trio Shooter Gang, who are leading figures in Danish drill rap, often characterized by masked rappers depicting upbringing and street life through a socio-realistic lyrical universe. However, Dibset's approach to the genre is crafted with more vulnerable and sorrowful beats as musical background, softening his aggressive lyrics - just listen to "Many Men" from this year, which may be his strongest track to date.
Dibset was signed by the music giant Sony Music domestically in 2020 and has released 13 singles to date. A collaboration with Shooter Gang on the track "More Life" has amassed over 2.9 million streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

Event time: Friday the 8th of November at 20.00, doors open at 19:00