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Digital City Tour - Aalborg City Highlights

Aalborg City Highlights guides you through 6 chosen “highlights” in Aalborg.

You will walk on small cozy alleys, pass historical buildings and experience modern architecture.

Begin tour – Discover the Historical Aalborg

Here's how you do it

Explore Aalborg is a webapp which runs on your smartphone’s browser. When you pick a tour, you will have to allow the app to use the phone´s GPS and your location. Afterwards the app will guide you from spot to spot on the build-in map. When you are in the vicinity of a new spot, it will unlock, and you will be able to read or listen to information saved on that spot.

Explore Aalborg is a concept which is developed and tested by Destination NORD. If you have any questions regarding the app, find flaws or have any comments, you are welcome to contact us at info@destination-nord.dk.