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“The Diver” by Bogense Seaside Spa

At Bogense Sea bath, a beautiful blue figure is on the jump - where is it going?

“The Diver” by Bogense Seaside Spa

“The Diver” is placed on the edge of Bogense Seaside Spa – ready to jump into the blue sea.

Is it a bird? Is it a human? Wil the sculpture dive into the sea or into the blue sky.

It will be up to you to take a guess.

The blue sculpture “The Diver” by Bogense Seaside Spa was created by the artist Frank Fenriz Jensen. The sculpture is three-dimensionally structured and was erected in August of 2016.

It was made in Corten steel which is weather resistant. This is also necessary, seeing as the sculpture is exposed to seafoam spray in the summer and ice break in the winter.