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Dog-friendly-park in Tversted

Bring your dog to Tversted duneplantation where a fenced dog-friendly-park is located. Here the dog can run free without a leash. The dog forest has both forest and dunes.

Bring your dog with you on holiday to our lovely area. 

The dog forest in Tversted is located by the dune plantation in Tversted and has lots of rooms for dogs. From the parking lot follow the sign towards "Østerklit" and after about 100 meters along the path the entrance to the dog forest appears.

The area is enclosed and dogs are therefore allowed to run freely. However, the owner of the dog must be in control of the dog at all times. 

This dog friendly park is a big park of 4,5, acres where the dogs can run and play. The dog forest is lovely light and open with sandy dunes and forest.

Explore the area together with man's best friend.