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Dræby Shelters

The shelter site at Dræby

The shelter site is right next to Munkebo Stien, and there is easy access on foot, by bike or by car. On the site there are two identical shelters of the "Skrubben" type with room for 2 in each. There is also a fire pit with a fire grate and benches, but there is no firewood on the site, so you must bring your own.

The shelter site is located by Dræby Fed, which has a long history of damming. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, parts of the area began to be dammed, but the major dams took place in the years 1871-1874, when Lindø and Vigerø, among others, were made landlocked. Below you can see how Dræby Fed looked before the large dams took place (map on the left), as well as how Dræby Fed looks today (map on the right).

The square is owned and operated by Kerteminde Municipality

  • Transport: You can park on the site
  • Number of shelters: 2 with room for 2 in each
  • Booking the shelter: Yes, for DKK 30 per person per night. You book by selecting shelter 1 or 2 in the tab on the left, and then selecting the desired arrival date in the calendar at the bottom of the page. Then press “Continue”. When you book, you will receive a receipt that you must bring as proof of the booking
  • Possibility of free accommodation: No
  • Toilet: Yes, there is a multi toilet on the site.
  • Water: No.
  • Bonfire: Yes, on the furnished bonfire site.
  • Possibility of firewood: No! You must bring your own firewood. Firewood may not be collected on the site or in the neighborhood, and trees and bushes may not be felled or cut either!
  • Dog: Yes, however dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Tenting: No. It is not permitted to set up tents on the site.
  • Shopping: The nearest convenience store is in Munkebo approx. 3 km from the square.
  • Show consideration for other guests in the area
  • Clean up after yourself. There are waste bins on the site
  • Remember to close all doors and windows in the shelter when you leave the site