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The dune landscape Vrads Sande

Vrads Sande is an enchanting moorland landscape south of Silkeborg, shaped by centuries of wild sand drift. This natural beauty, covering 146 hectares, was protected in 1968 for its unique beauty and historical significance.

Vrads Sande presents itself as a pot-shaped depression with steep slopes that tell the story of history down to an elegant moorland lake.

Meltwater terraces and lush vegetation

In addition to the beautiful depression, the area offers small dunes and traces of meltwater terraces covered in lush vegetation. To the east of the nearby road, an enchanting heather and juniper vegetation stretches out, while to the west, wonderful green moorland reveals itself.

The heathland offers both dry and moist areas where juniper and broom thrive. Here you can also find bell heather, bilberries and lingonberries that add an extra dimension to the experience of this unique landscape.

East of Vrads Sande, an impressive 300 hectare area around Snabegård was dedicated to nature in 1976. This area, which follows Salten Å and Lystrup Å, inspires visitors along the Nature Trail Horsens-Silkeborg with its adventurous landscape

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