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Ejvinds Backery Hvide Sande South

Welcome to Ejvinds Bakery - A proud family business! Here the focus is on balancing innovation and tradition to deliver the best baked goods. Ejvinds carefully selects its ingredients, as they know that the quality of the ingredients is reflected in the products. They prioritise honest, local and recognised ingredients.

Welcome to Ejvinds Bakery - A proud family business since 1956!

Ejvinds Bageri is still run by the 5 dedicated family members who are passionate about preserving the craftsmanship while experimenting with new, innovative products.

Ejvinds Bageri still lives by Ejvind Jørgensen's statement - "Good ingredients and good craftsmanship." At Ejvinds, they are proud of their heritage and passion for quality baked goods and look forward to sharing their delicious products with you.