Enø Overdrev

Enø is an island that is about 5 km long and 11 km high. The island consists of two moraine deposits connected by a drag. In the northern part is Enø town and the southern part consists of grazed salt marshes, where there are moist areas, small holes and curved ridges and the actual exaggerated area where there is a lot of hawthorn.

In 1953, Enø Overdrev was protected to preserve the untouched and beautiful nature.

To get to Enø Overdrev you have to follow the gravel road from the parking lot until you turn right, approx. 30 meters before the joint to the overrun, comes the old holiday colony grounds. From here you can get out to the water where you can come to Enø Overdrev via a staircase. Please be aware that during the birds' breeding time there is no access to Enø Overdrev.