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Escape Games

Escape Games is an escape room in Stilling, close to Skanderborg and Aarhus. It is one of the largest escape rooms in Jutland, but more importantly Escape Games is for everybody, young and old.

Half of the escape rooms can be played in a wheelchair.

The Rooms

Their escape rooms are very varied. They have a kids room, a lab, the apartment of an old lady and a pirate island. You can also become vikings or solve a murder.

Escape Games offer several escape room board games in English.

Children's escape room

But children can also test their skills at Escape Gamels. Here you will find Denmark's only escape room exclusively for children, called "Find Felix," where the children are the ones solving the tasks.

However, you can also bring the children to almost all escape rooms, including Pirate Island, Viking Train, and Santa's Time Machine.

Several of the rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Escape rooms can be booked on www.escapegames.dk/en.

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