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Exhibition at Kaj Munks Præstegård

Kaj Munk's life and especially the fateful events of 4 January 1944 are highlighted in the exhibition "'Hvad var det dog der skete'", created by Ringkøbing Fjord Museer

From Lolland to the gravel of Jutland
The exhibition "Hvad var det dog der skete?" is a new audio universe where visitors are taken on a digital journey through Kaj Munk's life as they tour the vicarage. The exhibition starts in Kaj Munk's childhood on Lolland and then takes a room-by-room tour through his life, providing an insight into all the many facets that made up Kaj Munk's life. Visitors will also gain an in-depth and moving insight into the events in the vicarage in Vedersø on 4 January 1944, as the exhibition is based on the evening that changed everything for the Munk family and takes visitors into the family living room when Kaj Munk's killers knock on the door.

Explore the sounds and silhouettes
"Hvad var det dog der skete?" replaces the vicarage's previous exhibition about Kaj Munk and is located in newly renovated rooms in the vicarage's farmhouse. The exhibition features a number of digital elements, including images and silhouettes that come to life on the walls of the vicarage, with a narrator following the visitor from room to room, helping to shape the experience.

Kaj Munks Præstegård is an important cultural centre in West Jutland, and with the new exhibition, Kaj Munk's story really gets the space and attention that such an important part of Danish history during World War II deserves. The exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in the many aspects of the Danes' history during the war, as it presents a picture of a man who sacrificed everything and at the same time gives a picture of an ordinary family whose lives were forever changed when they had to say goodbye to their father and husband.

The exhibition "Hvad var det dog der skete?" was created in collaboration with the internationally recognised design company Tinker Imagineers.

Price: Adults: DKK 75. Children and young people 0-17 have free admission.

Opening hours: See the museum's current opening hours at www.kajmunkspraestegaard.dk