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110 km with 1,500 metres of total ascent. The route runs in four loops, hence the reference to the four-leafed clover in the Danish name “Firkløveret”, each approx. of 20-30 km. The start and finish is in central Vejle, and at both ends of the route you will enjoy a beautiful ride along Vejle Inlet.

7100 Vejle

The route includes some of the most legendary hill climbs in Denmark: Munkebjerg, Kiddesvej, Gl. Kongevej / Chr. Winthersvej and Østengård. You can also compose your own route, selecting two or three loops. Any which way, you are in for a cycling challenge on this super route, while passing some of the most beautiful nature of Vejle and its surroundings.

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7100 Vejle


Bicycle trips

Length in km. (110)

Vertical metres (0-1500)

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