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Fishing in Løkken

Bring your fishing gear on your vacation in Løkken! Løkken is set for giving you the naval vacation and exciting options for fishing! You have the opportunity to go on a fishing adventure, either in fresh water or in saltwater, and if you have been unsuccessful at catching your dinner, you can still buy freshly caught fish from the sailboats in Løkken! 

Løkken offers several different fishing experiences - both angling as well as playfull learning experiences.


If you want to get out and fish, Løkken offers several different options in scenic areas.

Remember that it is necessary to buy a fishing license in order to fish in Denmark - you can do that here. However, children and teens under 18 are allowed to fish for free.

If you need bait, it can be bought in Hjørring from Brasholt or Jagt & Fritid, and it is also possible to borrow a fishing rod from them.
Løkken Fiskepark also have a smaller selection of bait you can buy.

Read more about all the fishing opportunities in Toppen af ​​Danmark's brochures. Pick it up at the tourist office or download it digitally here: Fishing experiences

Coast and pier fishing

Coast and pier fishing is easy to go do - so easy that even the children can join in. At the same time, however, the coast also offer challenges for experienced fishermen.

At the coast there is a good chance of catching fish, because many species of fish come close to land to look for food - often within the reefs.

In Løkken, you can fish from the pier - however, pay attention to signs with any prohibition.

There is a good opportunity to catch many different fish all year round, e.g. flatfish, cod and mackerel. See more about which fish you can catch here.

Put & Take Fishing Parks

In addition to fishing in the sea, you can also use one of the two Put & Take fishing lakes in Løkken, where you can fish both night and day.

At Løkken Fiskepark you have the opportunity to catch rainbow trout and brook trout. They have 2 large lakes, one of which is specifically used for families with children. In their kiosk you can rent fishing rods and buy other fishing equipment as well as ice cream and drinks.

At Gølstrup Fiskepark you have the opportunity to catch rainbow trout. They have 3 lakes located in a scenic area.

Activities with fish

The top of Denmark offers many different activities with fish in addition to fishing. Below you can read more about the different activities.

For children

There is also the possibility of fishing activities for children. If they come along on a fishing trip on the beach or pier, they can e.g. help dig sandworms before the fishing trip.

They can also fish for crabs among the stones of the pier, simply by using a line with a hex nut.

Playful learning

If you are curious to know more about fish and fishing, there are plenty of opportunities in Løkken and the top of Denmark.

You can learn more about the history of fishing and the development of tackle and vessels at:

If you are more interested in learning more about the development of fishing from small coastal boats to ocean-going seine vessels, you can visit the Nordsøen Oceanairum. In their saltwater aquarium you can also see the exciting wildlife in Skagerak, e.g. sharks, mackerel and the popular lumpfish.

Buying fresh fish

In Løkken, you have the opportunity to buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen on the beach. There are currently 2 fishermen who update their Facebook page with information about when you can find them and what they sell.

Follow them here: Frisk Fisk Løkken and FN 111 TENNA.

Sea fishing trips

From Hirtshals you can come on sea fishing trips which is anything between 4 and 60 hours in duration. You will find the tour boats at Sydvestkajen in Hirtshals, where you can book the tour directly at the quay or online.

Find more information here: Fishing experiences


Fra Hirtshals kan du komme med på havfisketure fra alt mellem 4 til 60 timers varighed. Turbådene finder du ved Sydvestkajen i Hirtshals, hvor du kan booke turen direkte ved kajen eller online.

Find mere information her: Fiskeoplevelser