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Fishing stairs at Store Åen

The fishing stairs are built near Store Åen, a stream running past what is known today as The Morten Korch Museum inside the former mill; Fyllested Mølle. You can hike along the stream and enjoy the peaceful sound of the stream running through the landscape. A lovely hike for the entire family. 

If you pass to the other side of Rugårdsvej, you enter a large forest area - perfect for an extra hike. 

There's a lot of exciting history connected to this area, which is occasionally told on guided trips around the fishing stairs, museum and estate.

Kærsgaard Gods and Fyllested Mølle

The fishing stairs are located in the same area as Kærsgaard Estate in Brenderup on west Funen. It originates around the 1400's, and has previously been managed under Wedellsborg Estate. Kærsgaard Estate has has a long line of owners; the family Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Klampenborg Race Tracks, and is owned today by Christoffer Hage.

The Morten Korch Museum is located in the old mill, Fyldested Mølle. A watermill until 1907, where it was rebuilt for production of electricity. 10 years later, a turbinehouse was added to the bulding, and the old turbine is on display in the museum.