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Fishingtour with FISH 'N' SHIP

FISH 'N' SHIP's focus is to deliver fish experiences of the highest quality both on land and at sea.

FISH 'N' SHIP takes pride in creating fishing experiences that are a bit out of the ordinary. Whether it's a guided sea trout trip from their fishing boat in the South Funen Archipelago or a tailor-made event at a location of your choice, you are sure to leave with a unique fishing and nature experience.

Start your fishing vacation in southern Funen with one of their locally renowned guides; they can help you find the spots and provide good advice and tips for the sometimes demanding fishing. Or add an extra dimension to your fishing adventure by joining a guide on a sailing trip to otherwise inaccessible fishing spots. FISH 'N' SHIP offers a guiding concept where sports and recreational fishermen are transported around the South Funen Archipelago, the East Coast of Funen, and the Great Belt to virtually untouched fishing spots, in their specially designed boat, sailed by a knowledgeable and experienced fishing guide.