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Folmersminde -Hobby farm

The hobby farming 'Folmersminde' on Nordmors is the setting for a fantastic family life and sustainable vegetables and specialty crops.


The hobby farm 'Folmersminde' on Nordmors is the setting for a fantastic family life and sustainable vegetables and specialty crops, where Else Christensen and Per Mortensen are eager to highlight what the fertile and nutritious soils of Morsø can offer for protein crops in Denmark. With its 4.3 hectares of land, it is being transformed into an organic hobby farm, and we take pride in cultivating specialty crops directly for consumers in the local area and fine restaurants in Denmark.

When Else Christensen bought the rural property in Sø Bugten, Mors in 2021, it was a long-standing dream come true. Now she could finally combine the exciting and busy life as the owner of businesses under the Relocare Group in Sweden and Denmark with country living. Fjord views, expanses, tranquility, and an Organic Hobby Farm could create a good balance in a busy daily life and provide a framework for a good family life and workplace for employees where the office should feel like home!

Per Mortensen moved to the farm in early 2023 when the couple found each other again, 30 years after their first romance. Per is trained as a farm manager, electrician, and sewer master and runs the business "Handyman Per". The couple shares a dream of using their combined skills and education to create a sustainable and innovative farming operation where the distance from soil to table is short and characterized by a love of nature, respect for quality products, and common sense.

Folmersminde has a fantastic view of the Limfjord. The buildings on the property include the old main house from 1886 (which is being converted into an office), the old barn, the new barn, a small machinery shed, and a chicken coop. The couple has built a new main house which was completed in August 2023, and the old main house will, after the renovation, serve as the "friendliest office" for employees in Else's company; Relocare.