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Fredag på toppen - Music and Hygge at Salling ROOFTOP

Every Friday throughout the summer, you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the warm summer sun on the roof terrace at Salling ROOFTOP in the centre of Aarhus with a refreshing drink, some snacks and great music.

Salling ROOFTOP and ROOFGARDEN in the heart of Aarhus

Take a leisurely stroll around the large roof terrace that makes up Salling ROOFTOP and ROOFGARDEN. From this height you get a unique view of Aarhus.

Find your cosy spot

Bring your friends or family and find a cosy spot to settle down - choose between the café, areas between bushes and trees or the terrace itself. Wherever you settle down, you can enjoy the atmosphere, the sunshine and a delicious lunch.

Music on top

As evening falls, the atmosphere becomes even more magical with music from the evening's chosen DJ. Throughout the summer, you can experience different DJs providing great music and a great atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for concerts, experiences and more here. (Danish)

Look forward to the next many Fridays at Fredag på Toppen in Aarhus.

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