Fredskoven in Bogense

A protected forest is a forest where many of the trees are preserved - and here in Fredskoven by Bogense you'll see many old trees and a nice forest perfect for a walk!

The woods are a production forest, but many old beeches and oaks have been allowed to live. Enjoy your walk or bike ride here – it’s always nice and peaceful.

If you also stay quiet and have your binoculars with you, you can see many birds, such as the beautiful common kingfisher, the great spotted woodpecker, the nuthatch and, of course, sparrows.

If you are here at dawn or dusk, you might be able to spot the short-eared owl hunting for prey.

These woods have played an important role in people’s lives since the Romantic era in the 19th century.

This is where people went for a walk on Sundays, and where young people went dancing in the forest pavilion.

In the 1980’s, a new brick building replaced the old wooden pavilion after a fire. You can also see the newly established Rose Park with many beautiful roses and the oldest tree in North Funen, a beautiful, big 300-year-old oak. The oak was named an eternity tree in 1923 by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, and, as such, it must be protected and kept alive as long as possible.